Training course: First Aid Mental Health

Mental health issues among employees such as burn-out, anxiety or depression are an important cause of absenteeism in an organisation, partly because they are often difficult to spot or are identified too late. After all, managers often lack the necessary knowledge and experience to recognise the symptoms or offer the correct response in such situations. Through the ‘First Aid Mental Health’ training, managers are taught techniques to recognise and support employees with mental health issues or to reintegrate them after a long absence.

Duration: 1 day

Why ?

About 1% of the active population in Belgium currently suffers from a burn-out, about 5% of workers have anxiety disorders and another 7% suffer from depression. The number of mental illness sufferers increases by 10% each year and the World Health Organisation has characterised mental disorders as the disease of this century. Failing to take action may cause employees suffering from the aforementioned disorders to take sick leave. There are, however, a number of simple measures that can help deal with the issues appropriately.

Who is it for ?

This training is intended for executives, HR managers and an organisation’s management.

How ?

The training is a mix of short presentations, role play and simulations. Participants can expand and refine their skills and insights with regard to:

  • the mental health issues that employees may face, such as serious personal problems, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress, burn-out, etc.
  • quickly provide suitable care and support to stop the situation from getting worse, which, if allowed to do so, may lead to (long-term) absenteeism.

The role play situations and simulations are staged as realistically as possible by an actor/actress present for the training. This helps participants acquire techniques and tools to:

  • listen to employees in a non-judgemental way and reassure them;
  • take preventive measures for the early detection of mental health issues;
  • encourage employees to seek appropriate, professional help and implement self-help strategies;
  • successfully reintegrate an employee on long-term sick leave.

Optionally, a presentation can be given to all of the organisation’s employees to raise their awareness of mental health care.


  • You reduce the chance of absenteeism due to mental health issues;
  • Your organisation is proactive as regards an important social trend. This shows that you, as an organisation, have the psychological well-being of your employees at heart, which has a positive impact on your image;
  • Because of the training’s very practical approach, your managers are better equipped to recognise psychological problems and support employees accordingly;
  • It is not unusual for the training to also reveal possible areas for improvement in the organisation on matters of procedures. The programme allows you to tackle these matters and thus develop a more exhaustive policy on well-being at work.

Practical details

The training session attendance is limited to a maximum of 15 participants. The training lasts one day.

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