VDU-work e-Survey: Risk analysis for office workers and home workers.

Employees who spend a lot of time behind the screen are at risk of specific health complaints. With our new e-survey – adapted for those working from home – you can reveal the dangers and identify specific actions required to safeguard the well-being of your screen workers.

Why this e-survey?

Those who are stuck for (almost) the entire working day behind a computer screen run the risk of specific health risks not always visible to you, as an employer. With this e-survey – an updated online survey – you can take a close look at your employees’ well-being and carry out the (mandatory) risk analysis for screen workers. As an employer, you will receive a clear report containing actions and recommendations. Your employees will receive specific tips for healthier screen work.

Who is this e-survey intended for?

The VDU-work e-survey suits any organisation with at least 20 VDU workers. For organisations employing less than 20 there is the VDU-work e-Coach.

How does it work?

The VDU-work e-Survey consists of 3 phases:

  1. Preparation: during an initiation meeting we agree on the approach. We start with a standard questionnaire, to which you may add up to 5 company-specific questions.
  2. Survey: your employees will receive the online questionnaire and are given 3 weeks to fill it in. The system sends 1 reminder during this period. Upon completing the e-survey your employees immediately receive specific tips for healthier screen work.
  3. Report: you will receive an analysis of your employees’ VDU-working conditions, their potential work-related complaints and specific focus points for teleworking. You will also be given a summary of action points and advice that we would like to discuss briefly with you.


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