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General measures

Get the different partners involved in the restart, and communicate agreements clearly.

Hygiene measures

Ensure your employees can work in hygienic conditions.

From home to work

What if one of your employees is unwell? What means of transport is preferred?

On arrival at work

Social distancing in the workplace is important. Use support equipment for this and avoid using lifts.

Dressing room/changing rooms

Employees must keep their distance, even in changing rooms.

- Information sheet: “Social facilities”

During work/at workstations

Work from home as much as possible and limit meetings and gatherings.

Sanitary provisions

Guidelines on how to organise your sanitation.

Poster: “Hand hygiene”
Information sheet: “Social facilities”

Rest and lunch breaks

The measures also remain in effect during breaks and lunch breaks.

Information sheet: “Measures to be taken in refectories and cafeterias”

Returning home

Rules for external parties, such as visitors, customers, clients, suppliers, parents, etc.

Working with employees or external self-employed persons (working with third parties) or with several employers in the same workplace

Agree clear guidelines with third parties.

Information sheet “Working with third parties”

Working on the move (with other employers or private individuals)

Do you work as a contractor? Then it is best to agree on which measures apply.

Checklist: “Starting as a contractor”

Working from home

Working from home is still recommended if possible.

Step-by-step plan for working from home

Do you have a question about restarting your activities?

We are happy to help you! Get in touch with your trusted contact or our regional office.

Sector-specific e-learning courses for your employees

Mensura will launch sector-specific e-learning courses for your employee(s) soon. Would you like for us to update you on this?

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