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Current measures and procedures

Testing, vaccination and support

  • Testing employees who are in contact with at-risk groups
    Mensura is currently testing employees in the healthcare sector when they enter employment (including trainees and interns), when they resume work after illness or when they return from quarantine. We can also test employees who are required to travel abroad for work.

    You can find more information on fast tests in our opinion article.
  • Vaccination of employees
    Everything you need to know about the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination can be found on There, we keep you informed about the course of the vaccinations, we indicate when your organisation will be involved, and we answer frequently asked questions. In the documentation centre, you will find informative posters that help to make your employees aware of the importance of vaccination.
  • Mapping risk-related contacts in the workplace.
    The government contact tracers check all contact related to an infected employee, including at work. It is crucial that you record the high-risk and low-risk contact moments. Mensura has developed a specific contact risk analysis.
    Contact us for more information.
  • Using Savitas for anonymous contact tracing
    Employees use QR codes to anonymously indicate where they have been in contact with which colleagues. If an employee becomes infected, Savitas notifies all contacts. On the basis of a contact risk analysis, we can offer advice on where to place the QR codes.
  • An audit or COVID-19 risk analysis
    This Mensura audit screens your organisation for the feasibility of the coronavirus measures. If certain interventions are difficult, we can consult our risk analysis to help your company comply at workstation level.
    Contact us for more information.

Tools and protective resources

  • Selecting and testing face masks
    If you are unsure which face masks to order, use our summary table to choose the right type. Have you placed an order you would like to have tested? We can help.
    Read all our info on face masks.
  • Utilising external apps within your organisation
    By now, there are plenty of apps available that help with social distancing.

Employability and psychosocial wellbeing

  • Structural approach to employability
    Uncertain times can give rise to absenteeism. Mensura helps you take a structural approach to the employability of your employees.
    Find out more.
  • Taking people’s concerns seriously
    Employees who are in need of a confidential talk can rely on Mensura. You can make your employees aware of this service in the workplace with our poster and video
  • Monitoring and safeguarding psychosocial wellbeing
    As an employer, you should guide your employees so they can work safely and healthily. The physical return to the workplace also requires mental support.
    Read all about it in our FAQ.
  • Offering a helpline
    By default, your employees are entitled to a confidential meeting with a psychosocial prevention advisor. Your employee can contact us on 02/549 71 57 or via This reduces the chances of people missing days at work because they are struggling mentally.

Working from home

  • Respect the rules of teleworking
    As of 1 September, working from home is no longer strongly recommended, with the exception of the Brussels region. Read on our blog how to get back to work safely.

    Are you considering giving homeworking a permanent place in your work organisation? Mensura puts its expertise at the disposal of some virtual trainings on healthy and productive homeworking.
    Read more about this course.
  • Support measure for improvement actions related to workable work
    The workability voucher is a financial boost to identify hurdles preventing workable work. The scope of this support measure will now be temporarily extended. The cheque can also be used to purchase advice, guidance and training to learn how to improve psychosocial wellbeing.
    Find out more about the workability voucher.

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Sector-specific e-learning course for your employees

Do you want to inform your employees about how they can work safely and healthily during these corona times? You can with our sector-specific e-learning session.

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