What is the workability voucher?

The workability voucher can be used by sole proprietors (with at least 1 employee), SMEs, large companies and social profit organisations to support the identification of hurdles preventing workable work. The objective is to implement lasting improvements to working conditions.

Specifically, the scope of a workability voucher includes:
- the purchase of a measurement or scan from an approved service provider,
- the purchase of guidance from an approved service provider to perform this scan or measurement.

Guidance may mean:
- reports on workability,
- the creation of a workability plan or assignation of priorities for the measures or improvement projects included in this plan,
- monitoring and follow-up of changes in respect of workable work.

What does the extension during the coronavirus crisis entail exactly?

The scope of the voucher is temporarily extended to advice, guidance and training in order to improve the psychosocial wellbeing of your employees within the context of the significant changes in working conditions. It is recommended these actions are rolled out after a risk analysis and/or scan.

This specifically includes:
- Adaptations to the workstation and the work organisation that benefit and improve the workability and safety of employees in the changed context;
- Necessary strengthening of competences to be able to work in a different work environment;
- Addressing the impact of the changed work environment on the psychological well-being of employees and employers.

Read more about the terms and conditions.

How to find a recognised service provider

Guidance or advice may only be purchased from accredited service providers for the SME portfolioand providers with a Work and Social Economy quality registration.

As an accredited service provider for the SME portfolio, Mensura can offer you guidance and advice to navigate through the workability voucher scheme. 

What is the value of the support?

The subsidy amounts to a maximum of €10,000 per enterprise. Until the maximum amount has been reached, or the budget for the support measure is exhausted, you can apply for a subsidy up to 3 times. The workability voucher can be used to finance 60% of your project, with you contributing the remaining 40%.

You can apply for the support up to and including 31 December 2022 or until the available yearly budget of €3 million has been exhausted.

How to apply for workability vouchers

You should submit an application through the ESF-Vlaanderen online platform, and upload the invoice from the approved service provider with a sworn declaration.

Check the complete step-by-step process.