The benefits for you and your employees

  • Exploratory
    Our expert gives you insight into how you can encourage healthy and productive teleworking in your organisation.
  • Raising awareness
    Your employees receive concrete tips on working from home in a healthy and productive way.
  • Practice-oriented
    The digital training course is interactive and varied, including recommendations that can be applied directly in practice.
  • Convenient
    Each session is 90 minutes and takes place 100% online, so there is no need to travel.

These digital training courses can be paid for by using workability cheques.

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Digital training courses for healthy homeworking

For you as an employer​

Virtual Class
“How to organize a healthy and productive homeworking practice in my company?”

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For your employees

Virtual Class
“Healthy and productive homeworking”

Support your employees so that they can work from home healthily and productively.

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8-step plan

Ergonomics, lifestyle habits, mental health, a safe home workplace..... There are all kinds of aspects that determine whether a person can work from home in a healthy and productive way. That is why Mensura has developed a multidisciplinary approach in a clear 8-step plan.

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