Mensura Website Terms of Use

Conditions of use

The provisions of this agreement apply to each consultation and use of the Mensura website. In visiting this website, you accept the conditions of use, without limitations or exceptions, as stipulated below.

Mensura reserves the right to unilaterally alter these conditions of use.

Copyright notice

The content of this website is protected under copywrite law and these rights are held by Mensura and/or its suppliers and partners. All rights reserved. Information provided on the site (including but not limited to text, presentations, illustrations, photos and audio) may not be duplicated and/or reproduced - in any form and by any means - transferred, distributed or stored without the prior written permission of Mensura, unless indicated otherwise. Changes to the content of this website are explicitly prohibited. Portions of the website contain images which explicitly fall under the copyright right of the suppliers.

No liability or warranty

No rights or liability can be derived from the information provided on this website. Mensura is committed to providing correct, up-to-date and relevant information on this website. Mensura is not liable for the information on websites which you have accessed via this website. Links are provided as a service to you, Mensura does not hold responsibility for the content of these websites. Information on our website may be altered without prior announcement or obligation.

The applicability of the information provided via this website cannot in any way guarantee a concrete case. For additional clarification or information, you may always approach a Mensura employee.

Moreover, it is your own responsibility to determine whether these websites are free from viruses and other issues of a harmful nature.

Privacy policy

All data provided by you is processed with strict confidentiality and will never be provided to third parties, except where required by law. The ‘Kaderwet’ dated 30 July 2018 concerning the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data (this Kaderwet is the application of the General Data Protection Regulation within Belgian legislation) determines that you may exercise certain rights with respect to your personal data. We refer you to our Privacy Policy for more information concerning the processing of your personal data and the option to exercise your rights with Mensura.

Comments, questions or suggestions

Mensura does not wish to receive any strictly confidential or restricted information via this website. All information provided by you (suggestions, ideas, etc.) will be treated as public and non-confidential, with the exception of your personal data as stipulated above. By submitting material to Mensura, you grant Mensura the unlimited and irrevocable right to use, display, alter and distribute this information. Mensura may also make unreserved use of the ideas and techniques as submitted by you. Mensura prepared this website with the highest level of care. Mensura remains open to suggestions or comments. To submit objection to certain texts or images, please contact privacy@mensura.be.

Disclaimer Outlook

This message and all attachments are confidential and intended exclusively for the addressee(s). If you received this message by mistake, inform the sender immediately via email or telephone and remove the message. Any prohibited alteration, publishing, use or distribution is forbidden. The sender renounces any liability for the message in the event of alteration, distortion, falsification or publishing or distribution without permission.

Mensura assumes that the recipient checks the emails and attachments for viruses and does not accept any form of liability for damages caused by viruses sent by email.

Applicable legislation and competent court

These conditions of use fall under Belgian law and all disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts and tribunals. In the event that a component of these conditions of use are declared invalid or void by a competent court, the respective component will be considered void while the remaining provisions of these conditions of use will remain fully applicable and enforceable. 

End of these conditions of use.