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<p>More than <strong>9,300 companies</strong> learn with Mensura Learn&amp;Connect</p>

More than 9,300 companies learn with Mensura Learn&Connect

<p>Course participants give <strong>9.6/10</strong> for our courses</p>

Course participants give 9.6/10 for our courses

<p>Our community of more than <strong>125 experts</strong> helps you on your way</p>

Our community of more than 125 experts helps you on your way

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Find practice-based and evidence-based learning solutions on well-being

How you like it: digital or just classroom, with the latest technologies, from e-learning to VR

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You don't learn alone

Knowledge only has an impact if you can share it. We will map out your growth path together with our experts and partners. You are in contact with masters in their field and share your experiences with the Mensura Learn&Connect community. Our experts and partners refine, accrue, and polish knowledge. That is precisely why at Mensura we talk about our 'knowledge workers'.  

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At Mensura Learn&Connect, we believe in people's potential. Each learning path fits within a specific learning vision. What approach feels like an immediate match?



Develop basic knowledge in a short time. The sessions are dynamic and easy to get into and available online at any time. You learn where and when you want. No previous knowledge required.



Talk to an expert, share your experiences, and learn from each other. Learning is a social experience. You learn to apply basic knowledge in practice, both online and in the classroom.



Broaden your view and prepare for a new role. A mix of learning methods helps you acquire in-depth knowledge you can apply immediately. Courses are often spread over several days.



Increase your knowledge or get a refresher on a particular subject. In this way you strengthen your practical skills. Courses can be either digital or classroom-based.

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