Is your organisation entitled to a training subsidy? An overview

The government and specific sector funds offer many subsidy and financing options for training to strengthen your organisation. Whether your Learn&Connect process qualifies is stated per study programme. Below is an overview.


SME portfolio - Flanders

Employers can receive up to a maximum of €7,500 per year in financial support to improve the operation of their company. The subsidy can be used for both Mensura courses and advice. 

Your employer applies for the subsidies via the e-counter for entrepreneurs. The subsidy application has to be submitted upfront or within 14 days of the start of training or the advice.
Tip: choose 'Duurzaamheid' in the field 'thema' of the application form.

Our registration numbers are: 

  • EDPB members: Mensura EDPB – DV.O105072  
  • Non-EDPB members: Mensura CONSULT – DV.O101943 

The Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship provides support to SMEs and the liberal professions. 

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Training cheques - Flanders

You can buy training cheques for a maximum of €250 per school year. As an employee or temporary worker you pay half, the Flemish government the other half. You can use the cheques for certain Mensura courses. 

You apply for the cheques yourself via the online counter of the Department of Work & Social Economy of the Flemish government.  

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Training cheques - Wallonia

As an employee or self-employed person, you can request cheques from the Walloon government to enable you to follow certain Mensura courses. For a training cheque worth €30, valid for 1 hour of training, your employer pays €15. The Walloon region pays the remaining €15. 

As an employee, you request the cheques from your employer. Your employer requests the cheques via the social secretariat.  

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As an employee, you can have your wages paid by the government while you are following a course. Your employer will then be reimbursed a fixed amount. This will ensure you don’t lose wages. 

The arrangement is similar for each region: you provide the necessary documents to your employer, he or she will then request the refund. Where your employer goes for the refund differs per region.  

Workability cheques

Your company can receive a maximum of €10,000 in financial support for guidance to draw up a tailor-made workability plan and the actions that result from it, such as organising training. 

Sole proprietorships, and even SMEs or large companies, are eligible. Your employer applies for the subsidy via the website of the European Social Fund (ESF). 

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Sector funds

Depending on your sector, it is often the case that you can also apply for subsidies for training via a sector fund. To be sure your study programme qualifies, your employer should enquire with your sector fund about the conditions.


Food industry 

  • PC 118 Joint committee for the food industry
  • PC 220 Joint committee for the food industry (salaried employees)

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Chemistry, plastics and life sciences

  • PC 116 Joint committee for the chemical industry (workers)
  • PC 207 Joint committee for the chemical industry (salaried employees) 

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Salaried employees, various sectors: car trade, construction, IT, consultancy and more 

  • Supplementary Committee for salaried employees PC 200 

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Construction sector

  • PC 124 Joint committee for the Construction Industry

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  • PC 330 Joint Committee for Health Care Facilities and Services

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Sectoral Training Fund Service Cheques

Service cheques sector 

  • PC 322.01 Service Cheques

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Do you have any questions about your subsidy options?

Contact your payroll services provider for additional questions.