Learning where, when, and how you want

Classroom, at your own pace or online with an expert.
Choose a Mensura Learn&Connect course that appeals to you the most.


The classroom remains an established place for learning - from each other and our experts. As a group, you exchange tips with other course participants and can ask questions directly. Classroom learning takes place at a Mensura training location or your workplace.  

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Online with an expert

You take an online class via Microsoft Teams. We use interactive tools (Mentimeter) and break-out rooms to fully engage in digital interaction as well. An additional advantage… you don't have to travel, you just log in wherever you want.

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With e-learning, you learn at your own pace. Your e-learning course remains available on our learning platform for one year. Perfect for when you need a refresher after the training and want to review it. You learn concrete skills and insights with the help of games, quizzes, and exercises. E-learning can be done at your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or sometimes even with virtual reality glasses.

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Blended learning

Blended learning combines digital learning with physical contact moments. Learning takes on a new meaning… the teacher becomes a coach, group moments alternate with online learning. Always with room for interaction, supplemented by a pre or post learning path. This is how we ensure that the learning material is retained. You can access a handy online overview page where you can review all of the learning materials for a year.  

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We develop a method – based on the needs of your organisation and company culture – that gets everyone on board. And, we work out a tailor-made training programme. Options include specific learning objectives or our training courses at your location.

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Innovative technology ensures the optimum learning experience

The latest learning technology helps us keep learning appealing and knowledge more retainable.
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Use gamification to make learning a fun challenge

New technologies add a playful touch to a course. Adding game elements increases your motivation to learn. Knowledge is retained better and learning becomes a fun challenge.

Our partner PLAY IT specialises in serious games. These are games in applications where you would not expect them.

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