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If I quit a course early, do I still get a certificate?

No. If you quit, we cannot give you a certificate. This is because we cannot properly test your knowledge and skills.  

How long will my certificate be valid?

Your certificate is valid for one year. For most courses, the legislature requires that you renew your certificate every year and undergo continued training.  

Can training also be tailor-made or organised for my company?

Yes, almost all of the courses we offer can be tailored to your needs. In most cases, we can also do so within your company.  Further information on the course and the maximum number of participants can always be found on the page for that specific course.  

Is lunch included in the training courses at a Mensura location?

Yes. Lunch is always provided for all classroom courses lasting one or more days. We take allergens into account.  

Can I take a course as a private individual?

Only if you have an enterprise number.  

What do I need to take an online course?

Are you taking an e-learning course? After registration, you receive an e-mail that provides access to the Learn&Connect online platform. 

Want to take online lessons with an expert? We use Microsoft Teams for this. We recommend installing the app on both Windows and Mac OS. You must have a stable internet connection. Logging in for the first time? Test your connection, microphone, and camera about 30 minutes before the session starts to make sure they work correctly. 


Can I pay with prevention units?

Yes. As a client of Mensura External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work, you can pay for our courses with prevention units. Go to MyMensura, to find out whether you still have sufficient funds. You can also ask your customer coordinator or contact person at Mensura. 

When will I receive my invoice?

You receive your invoice 30 days after the end of your course. 

What should I do if I have an order number or order form?

During your registration, add your order number as a comment. You will then find your order number on your invoice. If you have already registered, please contact us.  


I cannot attend a course. What do I do now?

You can only cancel free of charge if you let us know at least 10 calendar days before the start of the course. 

We charge the full cost of the course if you cancel less than 10 calendar days before the course starts. You must provide a valid medical certificate to cancel late without incurring additional costs.  

Must I pay a cancellation fee if I cancel a tailor-made training course within my company?

That depends on when you cancel the training. You will find more information about this in your quotation.  


Do I get a certificate after completing my training?

Yes. We issue an official certificate for each training or refresher course where a certificate is legally required (first aid, fire, confidential counsellor, and prevention adviser). You can download your certificate 20 working days after completing your training via MyMensura.

When you successfully complete another type of course - for example, an initiation - you will receive a Mensura Learn&Connect certificate.

Where can I find my certificate after completing my training?

After +/- 20 working days, all obtained certificates will appear on your MyMensura customer portal. You can download the certificate there. Certificates are not sent by e-mail.

No account yet to our client portal? Check with your internal prevention advisor or HR, or request access yourself at MyMensura.

What is the difference between an official certificate and a Mensura Learn&Connect certificate?

With an official certificate in your pocket, you meet the legal requirements and can, for example, call yourself a prevention adviser or confidential counsellor. 

A Mensura Learn&Connect certificate shows that you have gained new knowledge and passed the training with flying colours. However, it is not officially valid. 

What is the difference between an initiation, a refresher course, and a basic course?

An initiation is an awareness training for all staff in your company. You do not receive an official certificate for the course.

After a basic course, you receive an official certificate. You retain that certificate on completion of the mandatory annual refresher course.