Tailor-made learning for people: our approach

At Mensura Learn&Connect, we believe in people's potential. We believe that everyone with the right guidance can learn throughout their life. So, choose a learning path that really suits you. Which approach do you feel a match with?

A learning approach that suits you


Gain enough basic knowledge in a jiffy so you can focus on a specific topic within your organisation. Sensitisation is key… modules are bite-sized and quite short.


For whom?

No previous knowledge required. The door is open to anyone interested in welfare, prevention, and safety. Individual, or just sensitising training at company level.


We familiarise you with basic concepts in an easily accessible way. You can do this with short e-learnings, videos, practical cases or quizzes. You follow the courses online at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. You can do this on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even with virtual reality glasses.

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Learn from masters in their discipline and colleagues in your field. It is ideal if you prefer to engage in conversation and want to learn how to put basic knowledge into practice. Learning is a social experience.

For whom?

Anyone who wants to learn from each other and experts. No previous knowledge required. We provide you with the knowledge and the skills to take off with it. 


Sharing ideas is inspiring. The sessions always have a social component, both online and offline. There is something for everyone - co-creative workshop, professional (online) role-playing game, and more. Exchanging ideas and experiences is key. You learn together.

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Immerse yourself and deepen your knowledge. You will embark on a grounded learning process, cultivate new habits, and be prepared for practice.


For whom?

You have the ambition to become an expert yourself or want to obtain a certificate. And to help others with your knowledge. Previous knowledge may come in handy. You will find out what is expected for each particular course.


A combination of different forms of learning creates a deepening effect. Experience-based, social and digital learning alternate to create a long-term impact. You develop very specific and directly applicable knowledge.  

A mix of digital and classroom. Sometimes you can prepare at home. Some learning paths take several days.

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You get a refresher or expand your knowledge. You can also renew your certificate. Our Increase offer keeps you up-to-date with legislative changes and current trends in your field.


For whom?

Anyone who needs a refresher course or wants to learn for life. You will find out what basic knowledge is required for each particular course. 


A mix of digital and classroom learning, entirely online or with your colleagues. The offer is varied.

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A learning path that grows with you

Start with Initiate and continue with Impact. Or choose Interact to build on with Increase. Would you rather dive straight into Impact? That's also an option. Your skills come into their own with a tailor-made course.

Innovative technology ensures the best learning experience

The latest learning technology helps us keep learning appealing and knowledge more retainable.
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