Game-based learning in well-being and safety

PLAY IT: game-based learning on well-being and safety

With its interactive simulations - standardised or tailor-made - PLAY IT uses gaming techniques and even VR to teach about safety and various well-being topics in an accessible and cost-effective way. The fun aspect increases engagement, which makes knowledge transfer much better. 

Research shows that interactive simulations offer great added value during learning processes. In concrete terms people learn 4 times faster and 30% better." Brecht Kets Co-founder and CEO PLAY IT

Why this partnership?

At Mensura Learn&Connect, we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen our digital learning offering and our learning impact. Thanks to our partnership with PLAY IT, we can also offer game-based learning. The added value of this has been proven many times over: a better and faster transfer of knowledge through higher engagement. 

In co-creation, our experts work on new modules and possibilities for integrating game-based learning into our digital learning offering. Or we can work out a learning solution tailored to your organisation. 

What are your benefits?

Game-based learning is time and cost-efficient and a boost for your employer image. In addition, PLAY IT's platform offers many possibilities for data analysis. We use these insights to monitor your welfare policy even more effectively and adjust it where necessary.  

If you are a member of Mensura External Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (EDPB) and have prevention units, you can use these units to pay for the services of PLAY IT.  

A contact person within our Learn&Connect team will track the project from A to Z.

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