Keeping up to date with the latest environmental legislation is often time-consuming and requires expertise. Our experts have years of experience and in-depth knowledge in this field and are ready to assist you with professional advice and support.


Environmental regulations can benefit you financially

Making the right investments will help reduce the environmental impact of your company and will bring down costs. Relying on an external department for prevention and protection in the workplace for environment-related services is often the easiest solution for small companies. Larger companies will need a thorough risk assessment performed, a plan of action put in place, and professional guidance to avoid penalties and possibly achieve better cost effectiveness.

Environmental care is inherently linked to quality and well-being

Incorporating environmental care into the quality assurance and health surveillance systems of your organisation is highly recommended. This way, you can simply apply similar methods to your policy for environmental care and avoid doing the same work twice. Also, by screening your environmental policy, you will easily reveal any areas that require attention. Companies with environmentally sustainable operations can apply to have their environmental care system ISO 14001:2015 certified. Mensura can assist you with all these matters.

Mensura will advise you

Mensura will help your organisation grow while reducing your workplace's environmental footprint.

  • An environmental screening report will provide you with an overview of all your environmental obligations as well as any shortcomings and identified measures for prevention and mitigation.
  • Don’t have an environmental coordinator? No problem. Mensura’s environmental experts are here to assist you.
    You will be up to date with the latest legal requirements and receive tailored advice in terms of environmental care.
  • We implement an environmental management system for you in line with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.
    We offer guidance and assistance throughout the certification process.
  • Mensura can instruct and train your workers in preparation of new procedures and regulations.


  • Your organisation will operate in full compliance with recent environmental guidelines.
  • Our environmental experts will take care of all administrative aspects – permit applications, reports, etc. – with efficiency and precision.
  • You can turn your environmental obligations into an advantage for your organisation by saving on energy and water consumption and the use of paper.
  • You can fully focus on your core activities.