Medical monitoring

To maintain the health and well-being of your workers and to facilitate their return to work, the law provides for a number of medical exams. If your workers are subject to occupational hazards, then these medical exams can help detect and prevent potential occupational illness. Our occupational health physicians can also assist you with recruiting new staff, facilitating their return to work after prolonged periods of absence, or dealing with work-related health issues.


Healthy workers are more productive and absent less frequently

By investing in the health of your employees, you are protecting your human capital. It is an absolute must if you want to remain competitive in today’s market. It results in reduced short-term absenteeism and reduced costs. Focusing on the health of your workers offers long-term benefits as well, as it increases their long-term employability.

Various studies have shown that employees who are mentally and physically fit are more productive. There is much to be gained for the workers as well: they feel better in their skin, have more energy and display greater resilience when faced with stress and changes in the workplace. Medical examinations are a key component in detecting (non) work-related injuries or illnesses as early on as possible.

Healthy eating habits and physical exercise are most effective

Want to promote a healthy lifestyle among your workers? Then a brand-new fitness room may not be the best investment. Chances are that only a small minority of employees – those die-hard fitness fans – will make use of the facility.

You can reach a much larger group of employees in a much more cost-effective way. Research has shown that changing the eating habits of employees and promoting physical exercise will yield much better results for each euro invested. The occupational health physician can also help raise awareness among your workers about healthy eating habits and physical exercise during the medical exam.

Who is required to undergo medical exams?

Periodic health checks are required for workers:

  • in a safety-sensitive position: anyone using equipment or installations that may put the safety and health of other workers at risk.
  • performing tasks that require increased alertness and attention: anyone permanently monitoring equipment and installations that may put other workers or other companies at risk.
  • performing high-risk tasks: e.g. ergonomic stress or exposure to hazardous substances.

In some cases, a health assessment may be required:

  • at the time of recruitment or when changing job positions (for safety-sensitive positions)
  • when returning to work after four weeks of absence
  • at the employee’s request in view of work-related health issues
  • at the request of employees who are absent due to permanent incapacity to work, in view of their reintegration process

Specific provisions may apply to certain categories of workers or job positions, such as maternity protection, night workers and shift workers, employees working under a local employment agency (PWA), or the manual handling of loads. Mensura can provide you with all the advice you need.

Mensura will advise you

  • Let one of our experts perform a risk assessment to gauge current and emerging risks.
  • Targeted medical exams can be organised for specific job types or activities.
  • Map the results of your team(s).
  • Ensure proper communication with the occupational health physician.


  • You meet all legal requirements and avoid penalties.
  • Your workers are fully equipped to perform their job duties without putting their health at risk.
  • Workers returning to work after a period of illness receive the support they need to reduce the risk of relapse, or for restricted work duties.
  • Occupational injuries and illnesses can be detected in the early stages.
  • Workers are prevented from carrying out tasks that are beyond their capabilities.
  • Your company and your workers receive advice on how to protect and promote health throughout the organisation.

Mensura will train your employees