Psychosocial prevention: an approach for greater resilience

As an employer, you must be able to provide an effective response to psychosocial risks in the workplace. Our approach helps you identify the mental well-being of your employees and draw up an effective action plan, at the level of the organisation, the department, and the individual.

Our starting point: Scan - Recommendation - Action

Difficulties in private, working, or interpersonal relationships can be a challenge to mental well-being. As an employer, you can support employees to cope with this resiliently.

Global picture of stress perception and resilience (Sonar)

SCAN: How do we detect risks?

A first step is to identify the psychosocial risks in your company. This intake is the starting point for targeted action. Mensura prefers to use the Sonar method:

1) Preparation and awareness-raising: together with you, we set up a resilience working group and define a plan of action.

2) Explore (quantitative analysis): we survey your employees via the online Sonar tool.

The Sonar questionnaire serves as a baseline measurement. If you already have an overview of the psychosocial risks, we can evaluate your risk analysis and/or action plan.


RECOMMENDATION: together we define specific measures to increase resilience

3) Interim feedback: our experts go over the anonymous group result with you. They also look at the risks and/or target groups for which qualitative analysis is recommended.

4) Deepening (qualitative analysis): in order to gain more insight, we organise group and/or individual interviews. Employees are given the opportunity to propose improvement actions and thus contribute to solutions.

5) Final feedback: our experts go over the final report with you and determine the action plan in consultation with you.


ACTION: implementation of a targeted roadmap

The working group gets to work, determines which actions will follow, and puts them into a roadmap.

Possible actions are:

Stress-specific approach: from group to individual level

 My Stress CoachMyMindScan
SCAN- Individual stress experience survey
- Employee expectations about stress management
- Personal stress profile
- Resilience training
ADVICE- Individual tips
- Group report
- Individual dashboard
- Referral to a specialist
- Group report
ACTION- Group discussion
- Coaching
- Intervision
- Individual coaching
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