Optimal working conditions

Employees are exposed to elements inherent to their work environment on a day-to-day basis. Some of these can pose serious long and short term health risks. By establishing an official inventory and conducting an in-depth analysis of the risks and hazards, employers can implement manageable and economically feasible changes to create optimal conditions for worker safety and health. Creating better working conditions in terms of ergonomics, occupational safety, environmental care, industrial hygiene and toxicology will also help prevent absenteeism among workers and will increase their overall productivity.


Unfavourable working conditions may impact the health of your workers.

Occupational safety

Focus on occupational safety to prevent accidents and economic losses.

Environmental care

Is your organisation in full compliance with ever-changing environmental laws and regulations?

Industrial hygiene & toxicology

Dealing with hazardous substances and materials can lead to health problems, occupational illness, or worse. Don’t let it get this far.