Industrial hygiene & toxicology

Some professions expose employees to chemical, biological and physical agents. You can protect the health of your workers using a targeted approach, and enhance the efficiency of your processes at the same time. Other measures that will help achieve this are positive changes to industrial hygiene policies, and performing multidisciplinary risk assessments for workers who handle food products.


Industrial hygiene and toxicology are specialist fields

Toxicology, industrial hygiene and related disciplines comprise many forms of human contact with potentially harmful external factors: chemical or microbiological agents, asbestos, climatological conditions, noise, vibration, lighting, electromagnetic fields, etc. Increasingly stringent safety requirements for chemicals, pharmaceutical products, pesticides, food additives, cosmetics and medical additives demand a greater need for knowledge and for safety and toxicological research.

64% of cases of occupational illness are caused by physical hazards such as vibration or noise.

Up to 25% of people suffering from occupational illness were breathing biological agents, chemicals, dust, gases, vapours, or fumes at work.

Source: Occupational Illness Fund, 2010

In addition, certain substances not only pose a number of health risks but also put the safety of workers or the environment at risk. Our experts at Mensura will help ensure full compliance of your operations with all legal standards.

Mensura will advise you

  • Ensure that relevant employees are trained in how to deal with toxicological, chemical and/or microbiological hazards in the workplace. 
  • Make sure safety instruction cards are available at all times.
    Mensura will assist you in designing easy-to-read documents to provide workers with all the information they need on the safe handling of hazardous substances.
  • Perform risk assessments for toxicological, chemical and/or microbiological agents.
  • Conduct measurements of the exposure to toxicological, chemical and/or microbiological agents as well as environmental factors such as noise, climate, vibration and lighting.
  • Businesses in certain industries are also required to prepare and maintain an asbestos inventory.
  • A properly designed prevention policy includes risk assessments for workers handling food products, and custom training courses where needed.



  • Objective assessments of toxicological, chemical and/or microbiological hazards, with concrete steps for improved preventive care.
  • A suitable approach for physical agents, such as lighting, vibration, noise, climate and electromagnetic radiation.
  • Health protection for workers exposed to toxicological, chemical, microbiological and/or physical agents in the workplace.
  • An asbestos inventory, if required.
  • Compliance with Belgian legislation and European regulations.

Mensura will train your employees

Proper protection and correct handling techniques when dealing with hazardous substances and environmental factors in the workplace require knowledge and expertise. Our dedicated training courses will equip your workers with essential knowledge and skills to safely carry out their tasks.

Training courses on industrial hygiene & toxicology