Prevent absenteeism

The budget you are legally required to dedicate to prevention, protection and health for your workers can be used to effectively reduce absenteeism-related expenses.

Gaining proper insight into the causes of absenteeism is the very first step in developing a structured approach toward short and long-term absenteeism. In consultation with the HR department, direct supervisors, and the internal and external departments for prevention and protection in the workplace, we will develop a comprehensive policy to help minimise preventable absenteeism and associated costs.

Mapping absenteeism

Calculate the costs associated with illness-related absenteeism within your organisation using the Absenteeism Calculator. The Absenteeism Compass will also reveal issues that require attention.

Establishing a policy on absenteeism

A policy on absenteeism is essential for preventive measures against short-term, long-term and frequent absences in the workplace. Combined with targeted action, it will help minimise preventable absenteeism.

Making reintegration work

A well-thought-out reintegration process and proper guidance will help long-term absentees return to work