Do you work in the healthcare sector? Work on good hand hygiene


Every year, the Flemish Agency ‘Zorg en Gezondheid’ (Care and Health) launches an awareness-raising campaign on hand hygiene. This time it focuses on the healthcare sector, where clean hands are a must to prevent infections. With various tools - from videos to stickers - the campaign supports healthcare providers to apply hand hygiene correctly.

Largest spreader of disease

Our hands play a major role in the spread of bacteria and germs. In the healthcare sector, where patients and residents are often particularly susceptible to infections, hand hygiene is particularly important. This means that caregivers take a lot of precautions: they do not wear rings or watches while working, they keep their nails clean, unvarnished and short, and preferably they wear short sleeves. But regular disinfection of the hands is also essential.

Raising awareness among employees to wash their hands? Download our poster 'In 10 steps to good hand hygiene'.

The campaign of the Flemish Agency ‘Zorg en Gezondheid’ raises awareness among healthcare providers about the importance of these measures and gives them tailor-made tools to provide practical support.

An overview of the campaign material

Spread the message, not the germs!

Raise awareness among employees, residents and visitors of your care centre about the importance of good hand hygiene. Hang posters in clearly visible places, provide information leaflets or place stickers on the mirrors near the washbasins.

It’s in your hands!

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