How are you preparing for the inspection campaign for falling risks in the transport sector?


The Welfare at Work Supervision Service is organising an inspection campaign on falling risks in the transport sector this autumn. The sector has a high number of occupational accidents, often with serious injuries or even a fatal outcome. The campaign must help to reduce that number.

The inspection campaign focuses on chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, fuel depots, companies active in tank cleaning, wood processing companies, and producers of milk or animal feed.

What does an inspection entail?

An inspector from the Labour Inspectorate will visit you and map out youremployees’ tasks. The inspector then checks whether you are taking sufficient preventivemeasures to limit the risk of falling. Shortcomings or infringements lead to verbal or written advice, a warning, or even the cessation of your activities.

Focus on falling accidents

Although the risks in the transport sector vary – from problems with materials to dangers when driving vehicles – this campaign is limited to falling risks.

They mainly occur when:

  • loading and unloading HGVs and tankers
  • taking samples
  • cleaning vehicles

Safe working at heights, for example, on top of an HGV or tanker, involves dangers. In fact, falling from a height is the most common accident in the transport sector. Although vehicles are usually equipped with railings, employees do not always hold on to them during their activities. A falling accident can also quickly occur when climbing on a vehicle.

Make workplace safety your priority

Mensura helps you to avoid falling accidents as much as possible, so that employees can continue to work in a sustainable and safe manner. Our blog offers insights into the causes and possible solutions for falling accidents. Do you have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at no obligation.

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