Mensura tests quality of face masks as protection against coronavirus


Because many face masks do not have the necessary certificates according to European standards, a simplified protocol was designed. Mensura is one of the four centres authorised by the Federal Public Service Economy to test non-CE certified masks. "Only a mere 16% meet the reduced standard."

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a lack of protective equipment, especially FFP2/FFP3 face masks. In order to reduce these shortages, the Federal Public Service Economy has temporarily amended the current European standards for placing face masks on the Belgian market.

Alternative Test Protocol

In order to still have some control on the quality of the face masks that are imported, an alternative test protocol (ATP) has been drawn up. The purpose of this temporary protocol is to avoid that care personnel have to work without protection or with face masks that have not undergone quality control.

The ATP makes no statement about protection against dust, chemicals... Masks that have been tested using that protocol may therefore only be used as protection against the coronavirus.

Taped masks

Since the beginning of April, Mensura, as a recognised institution, has been performing face mask tests according to the ATP. Of the masks on offer, only a mere 16% meet the lowered ATP standard. 23% qualifies according to the ATP protocol on condition that the nose is taped, in 15% the whole mask has to be taped all around, which is actually not workable. A good 46%, on the other hand, does not meet the reduced ATP standard.

Do you have any face masks you'd like to have tested?

Our test facilities in Antwerp, Hasselt and Brussels are ready to test face masks according to the ATP. Do you need FFP2 masks for other purposes and have doubts about their quality? We can perform an FIT test to check the connection of the masks to the face according to the OSHA test procedure.

You can apply via Clearly state whether it is an ATP test or an FIT test. You will receive an instruction email to guide the handling of the tests.

Attention: with our devices, we cannot test the quality of the filter material for applications other than the protection against COVID-19.

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