New legislation on well-being in the workplace: here’s what you need to do


New legislation on well-being in the workplace came into effect on 12 June 2017. The biggest changes were made to its overall structure. Prevention advisors are now not the only ones who need to get into action. Company directors and HR staff may need to add a few things to their to-do lists as well.

Update your HR documents

If your employee policy manual or any other policies refer to the Well-Being Act, then all references in those policies should be updated to reflect the correct sections and paragraphs of the Well-Being Act. When drafting new documents, it is recommended to use the correct references straight away.    

You can read the new Well-Being Act and consult the overview table via the website of the Federal Public Service for well-being in the workplace. The website also includes explanatory notes and the latest updates.  

Update all stakeholders

Update all stakeholders in your organisation involved with well-being in the workplace about the latest legislative changes, such as your internal department for prevention and protection, prevention advisors, the CPPW (or union representatives), etc.

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