Newsflash: hepatitis B vaccine temporarily out of stock, compulsory vaccinations to be given priority


A shortage is threatened in the hepatitis B vaccine due to a stock disruption at the manufacturer. Mensura is therefore temporarily adapting its vaccination policy: the vaccines available are to be reserved for those who are obliged to receive a vaccination. It remains unclear when the vaccine will be available again.

GSK, the world’s only manufacturer of the hepatitis B vaccines Twinrix and Engerix B, has confirmed that these are all sold out. Mensura is doing what is necessary to give everybody a vaccination, but is clearly dependent on stock from its supplier. Currently, no alternative vaccine is available on the market.

Vaccination is reserved for compulsory categories

Whenever the risk analysis indicates that your employees are at risk of contamination with the hepatitis B virus, you must offer a vaccination. Such cases include care staff working with the elderly, the sick or people with an immunity deficiency.

This vaccination is also mandatory for laboratory technicians using human biological products and those working in a dentist’s practice. These will be the first to receive assistance from Mensura.

Follow-up vaccination to be delayed

Vaccinations are usually given according to a fixed vaccination schedule, namely 3 injections: at the age of 0, 1 and 6 months. The complete course ensures life-long protection. The maximum interval between the first and second vaccination is 6 months. No maximum interval applies for the third vaccine.

For all employees who have already received their first vaccination, the follow-up vaccine will be delayed. Employees and apprentices waiting for their first vaccination will temporarily be given priority. We will naturally respect the required intervals, in order to avoid disrupting ongoing vaccination schedules.

When will it be available again?

It is currently unclear when the vaccine will be available again. We are monitoring progress very closely and will let you know as soon as there is more information.

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Take the necessary prevention measures!

Be sure to inform your employees about what they can do themselves to prevent infection with the hepatitis B virus.

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