Online risk analysis tool now available for the performing arts sector


The performing arts sector can now rely on an ‘Online interactive Risk Assessment’, or OiRA. The tool helps SMEs tackle their risk analyses efficiently and free of cost.

European SMEs in various industries already use OiRA. In a step-by-step process, the tool unravels workplace risks and offers companies action plans with preventative measures.

Tailored to the sector

The new OiRA Performing Arts consists of two subtools: one for production companies and one for stage locations. Both consist of several modules, such as ‘prevention organisation’ and ‘emergency situations’.

The tool also considers sector-specific risk factors, like the stage environment (i.e. lightning and sound), stage-related activities, varying types of artist groups, special effects and props. Possible issues regarding the audience, psychosocial aspects and hazardous products are also examined.

The action plan with preventative measures contains tips for ergonomics, materials and equipment for personal protection.

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