Pilot project on employment reintegration guides employees towards a new job


Does swift communication contribute to successful reintegration at work? Mensura joins forces with VDAB and IDEWE to answer this question in a pilot project.The end goal: help employees who are no longer able to return to their previous role find another job more quickly.

Most employees who are temporarily absent due to health problems end up coming back to work without any further issues. “But occasionally, people are unable to get back to their old role,” says Gretel Schrijvers, Mensura’s managing director.

Lower the return threshold

If an adapted role at their current employer is not an option, the advising physician for the National Health Service will have to refer the patient to the VDAB. “Precious time is lost as a result,” confirms Gretel Schrijvers. “The longer someone remains incapacitated, the greater the barrier to return to work.”

That is why Mensura is joining forces with the VDAB and IDEWE for a pilot project. The setup: to research if swift and transparent communication between all stakeholders accelerates successful reintegration. This includes the employee as well as the employer, occupational physician, and the advising physician for the employee’s health insurer. “We want to reinvigorate long-term absentees with the opportunity to develop themselves professionally. The sooner their employment opportunities become apparent to them, the more quickly they will be able to return to work effectively.  This pilot project is intended to lend a helping hand and contribute to their swift reintegration.”

Opportunities take the central stage

The project continues until late 2022. Until then, Mensura and IDEWE will refer 232 employees to the VDAB themselves. “Every employee will get a meaningful role, adjusted to their capabilities. And employers get to recruit new employees via the VDAB.”

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