Government launches burnout prevention campaign

11-04-19 is the name of the campaign website that Minister of Social Affairs Maggie De Block launched in early April. The platform provides information to employees, managers, and caregivers to detect signs of burnout. The website also provides tools for smooth recovery and reintegration.

130,000 Belgian employees and 5,600 self-employed are currently facing mental difficulties, including burnout. New research by the KU Leuven illustrates that 1 in 6 working Flemish people are also at risk of burnout. The need for a structural, preventive approach is therefore abundantly clear to the Minister and her Cabinet. 

Tools and guides

“We want to provide reliable information and useful tools and show people the way to the right authorities for appropriate support,” says Maggie De Block. This approach fits in nicely with First Aid Mental Health (FAMH), Mensura’s mental health programme.

Koen Van Hulst, responsible psychosocial aspects: “With FAMH, we provide similar tools for managers and employees to recognise the warning signs in time. They can use these tools to respond appropriately and thus avoid burnout.”

Managers at the wheel

“In addition, we strongly emphasise the supporting role of those managers play,” Koen continues. “They are often ideally placed to spot potential difficulties in the workplace and to prevent them from happening.”

During the FAMH workshop, an expert explains the causes and symptoms of psychological problems, and provides procedures for establishing responsibilities. This is followed by a practical portion, where the participants discover how they can react appropriately in different situations through role-playing.”

More information about the campaign:

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