New rules to prevent dust lung in the construction sector


Many stony building materials contain quartz. Quartz dust is released by milling, sawing, drilling or grinding. If you inhale those dust particles, you can get silicosis - a form of dust lung. A new RD should stop the advance of dust lung.

More and more cases of silicosis have appeared in recent years. This condition leads to respiratory problems and an increased risk of developing tuberculosis or lung cancer. The main cause is the rise of composite stone product used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

On the Health and Science website, you can read all about silicosis and dust lung.

What measures should you take against quartz dust?

From 17 January 2020, all work equipment used for grinding, drilling or processing materials containing quartz must be equipped with a dust extraction system or a system for adding water.

If this is not technically feasible, anyone who may be exposed to quartz dust should wear a mask with a P3 dust filter. This not only applies to those operating the machine, but also to employees in the same room or in the vicinity.

As an employer, you are responsible for the implementation of these new rules. In 2020, the inspectors of Occupational Welfare Supervision will pay extra attention to the correct observance of these rules.

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