Inspection campaign for temporary workers: 1 in 3 companies not in order


One in three temporary employment agencies and companies violates the rules on welfare at work for temporary workers. This is apparent from an inspection campaign by the FPS Employment. The mandatory risk analysis and medical fitness requirements are particularly problematic.

More and more (large) companies use temporary workers. But these temporary workers are more often the victims of an occupational accident. A possible cause: the lack of information about safety and health risks in the workplace.

Two structural bottlenecks

One in three companies using temporary workers does not have the mandatory risk analysis of the workstation. However, it is essential to expose the dangers, to take appropriate preventive measures, and to draw up a workstation sheet.

The workstation sheet indicates, among other things, the risks to which the employee is exposed and any compulsory medical examinations. These two factors together form the medical fitness requirements.

The occupational physician of the external prevention service of the temporary employment agency examines the temporary employee and determines whether he or she may carry out the work. But this rule is not always correctly applied: 35% of temporary staff is employed without correct medical fitness requirements.

Progress made

The figures are the result of an inspection campaign by the FPS Employment at 34 temporary employment agencies and 141 companies during 2018. Although there is clearly still work to be done, the number of offences is falling. In the 2009 campaign, 40% did not have a risk analysis carried out and 55% did not have medical fitness requirements. According to the FPS Employment, the creation of a central database for monitoring the health of temporary workers plays a role in this improvement.

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