Are you prepared for the next round of elevator inspections?


Elevators with no cage door or light curtain will be immediately taken out of service by our inspection staff, Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters warned. Last year, three fatal incidents were caused by non-compliant elevators.

In early 2017, additional safety requirements were put in place for elevators installed before 1984. Today, as safety requirements become even more rigorous, older elevators with no cage door or light curtain will be immediately removed from service.

New inspection campaign on elevator safety

Passenger elevators must be inspected and tested periodically by an External Department for Technical Checks (EDTC) to determine whether they are compliant and safe to use. The elevator manager may be required to make modifications to ensure full compliancy and to keep the elevator in service.  

In 2003, stringent safety requirements were introduced for elevators installed prior to 1984. The deadline for compliance was early this year. Since 2015, the government has been conducting inspections to verify whether these elevators have been updated in accordance with the latest requirements. A new inspection campaign has now been announced and will launch soon.

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