Q&A – Are VDU glasses with a blue filter effective?

VDU (Visual Display Unit) work is now a fixture in our business world. Computers and tablets are commonplace in almost every business environment. Some VDU workers complain of eye strain, however. Is wearing specific glasses with a blue filter the solution for VDU work in this case?

Even though working at a screen may not pose the greatest health risks, you would do well to ensure the right working conditions. This will allow you to avoid health complaints and possible absences. An ergonomic posture, sufficient physical exercise and a correct amount of light are key aspects in VDU work.

Harmful for our eyes?

The effectiveness of VDU work glasses with blue filter has not been proven. Despite extensive research on the subject, there is insufficient evidence to prove that the amount of light emitted by a monitor is harmful to the eye or affects vision. With age, the eye lens may function less effectively, making it hard to focus at a short distance, for example. In that case, ordinary glasses are the solution.

For certain persons, suitable screen glasses are also required when ordinary reading glasses or glasses to correct myopia do not improve VDU work. An eye examination is necessary to determine such a solution.

Blue light

And what about blue light? This can lead to dry eyes or eye fatigue. At this point in time, it is still too early to recommend VDU glasses with blue filters, the so-called Blue Block and Blueberry glasses. There is also insufficient scientific evidence to support the claim that these glasses are effective and a solution to the specific problem.

Under certain circumstances, the glare and reflections from displays can be a cause of overload and can cause eye problems. The computer or monitor is often seen as a culprit, but these may be caused by various factors. For example: a poorly readable text because of light reflecting on the screen, a vibrating screen, excessive contrast between the screen and the environment, etc. An ergonomically designed VDU workstation is and remains essential.

Do your VDU workers work in optimal conditions?

Mensura developed the e-Survey on VDU work and the VDU work e-Coach specifically for VDU work. These online tools are designed to help your employees working on a PC analyse their workstation and carry out improvements. For practical guidance in the optimisation of VDU work, contact info.edpb@mensura.be .


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