Got a question? The most Frequently Asked Questions are listed below. Didn't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact your account manager/SDC.

1. Why does the report show fewer examined than the number of staff to be examined?

Mensura tried to invite all employees eligible for health monitoring. Unfortunately, we have seen, in general, a percentage of absenteeism at our customers. 

If you informed Mensura that some issue makes the first agreed upon date no longer possible, we will do our best to find another date based on your and our available options. Of course, if you have not received any invitations, we will address this and make the necessary arrangements.

The coronavirus has also made it difficult for both of us to maintain our schedules and send staff to the exams.

2. What is listed under the heading 'Recommendations'?

The recommendations are a summary of the various information requests that have been handled for your company.

3. Why is it that 'Section 2. Risk management – recommendations' indicates that a recommendation for psychosocial factors was listed in 'Section 5. Psychosocial stress'?

This is because the recommendation (i.e. information requests) is separate from the number of psychosocial files. The recommendation request is not necessarily related to a psychosocial file.

It may also concern a 'general' request, e.g. how do I set up a psychosocial risk analysis, or a register for third parties, alcohol and drugs policy, and so on.

Moreover, only psychosocial files with the status 'closed' are included in the activity report. So, if there is a connection, the psychosocial file will also be closed.

4. Can I get more information about the numbers listed in the section, 'Information on the prevention of psychosocial stress caused by work'?

No names can be released due to the obligation of confidentiality. Contact your psychosocial prevention adviser to get more information about the measures to take for the psychosocial well-being of your staff.

5. Can someone from Mensura help me complete the annual report/activity report?

Yes, please contact your account manager/SDC. To this end, a proposed half-day will be arranged so that a prevention adviser can help you complete the annual report.

6. I see check-in tool under 'other risk management activities', but I have no idea what that is. What now?

If you hired new staff in the past calendar year, they will be given the opportunity (via an email we send to the employer) to complete a questionnaire. Your staff receive a personal report containing information and tips based on that questionnaire.

7. I would like all activity reports of affiliated companies in one document. Can I download it from MyMensura?

No, that's not possible (at the moment). You may request the document from your account manager/SDC.

8. Where can I find the activity reports from previous years on MyMensura?

Activity reports from previous years can be requested from your account manager/SDC.

9. How is the number of risk analysis requests for a specific work situation calculated?

The number of requests for risk analysis of psychosocial risks in a specific work situation, as indicated in Section V.2 of the activity report, is calculated based on the number of projects with a start date that falls within the year of the activity report.