Prepare your annual IDPPW report before 1 April 2023

As soon as you employ an employee, you must draw up an annual report of the Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work. Your own internal prevention adviser draws up the annual report. If your organisation has fewer than 20 employees, you as the employer carry out the function of prevention advisor yourself and you are responsible for the annual report.

You must prepare the annual report by 31 March 2023 at the latest. After that, you keep it at the disposal of the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue. (For your information: there is no legal retention period. Ten years is often advised, unless otherwise stipulated in the Committee’s internal regulations.)

Mensura has prepared this page to help you gather all the documents you need and to ensure you can complete your annual report in time.

 Below is a list of which documents you need and which steps you must go through.

Practical tips for the prevention advisor:

  • Start well ahead of time with gathering all the information and documentation.
  • Keep the annual IDPPW report available for any visits from the Labour Inspectorate of the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour, and Social Dialogue.
  • Add the annual report to the next Committee report (e.g. March meeting).
  • Provide additional information about the report when meeting with management or employees.

1. Preparing the information required

It's all in the preparation. These are the documents you will need to finalise your annual report:

  • Reports from the Committee for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace (CPPW)
  • Annual action plan and global (five-year) prevention plan
  • Asbestos inventory, if applicable, (annexed to the annual report) 

    From your EDPP
  • Activity report 2022
    Please note: the activity report only relates to interventions handled by your external department for prevention and protection. If you have any questions regarding the activity report, please consult the FAQ or contact your account manager/SDC.
  • Report(s) from periodic site inspections Report(s) from periodic site inspections conducted by your external department for Prevention and Protection.

    Are you a Mensura client? These documents can be downloaded via MyMensura.

    From your insurance company for occupational accidents
  • Damage claim overview 2022

    From your payroll services provider and/or employment agency
  • Social report, including the correct number of hours worked (incl. temp workers) 

    From your external technical inspection department
  • Inspection reports from certified agencies relating to the inspection of high and low-voltage installations, elevators, lifting equipment, etc

2. Selecting the correct official form

Each year, the government provides the official forms that need to be completed. Three different forms are available, and selecting the correct form will depend on how your organisation is structured (joint IDPPW, several branches, several legal entities,etc.).

Explanatory notes are provided to help you select the correct form, i.e. form A, B or C. The explanatory notes also include practical guidelines for completing the form correctly.

Download the explanatory notes (French) as a guideline to completing your form.  

Download the form you require (the documents can be completed electronically):

Practical tips for completing your annual IDPPW report >

3. Keeping the annual IDPPW report available

Before finalising your annual report from the Internal department for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace, we recommend you carefully check the following:

  • Sign the annual report
    The annual report must be signed by the employer and by the head of the internal prevention department.
  • Keep the annual report available for inspection from 1 April onwards
    ​This means you no longer need to submit the annual report and accompanying documents to your regional labour inspectorate.


  • General principles: Codex, book I, title 2
  • Drawing up the report: Codex, book II, title 1, art.II.1-6, § 1,2°, b
  • Content of the report: Codex, book II, title 1, annex II.1-3

Need assistance?

Our team of prevention advisors is always ready to assist you with ensuring that everything is completed correctly and in time. 

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