Practical tips for completing your annual IDPPW report

In addition to the explanatory notes, the tips below will help you complete your annual report quickly and correctly.

Item 1.2.5 Hours allocated to the prevention advisors

  • This should match the info listed in the identification document.

Item 2.1 Work hours

  • To be obtained from your payroll services provider

Items 2.2 and 2.3: Information regarding occupational accidents

  • Table and first additional question: info to be obtained from the insurance company Occupational accidents (from the contact person or through their online platform)
  • Second additional question (number of minor accidents): from first-aid records

Item 2.4 Work hours and occupational accidents in specific employee categories

  • Temp workers: info to be obtained from the employment agency
  • Contractors: sum of the hours performed by third-party workers within your organisation (both regular and casual work: cleaning, security, garden maintenance, technical maintenance, consultancy, etc.) and any accidents that happened while performing tasks in your organisation.

Item 3.1 Measures taken in the previous year

  • Less than 50 employees: 3 main accomplishments
  • More than 50 employees: 5 main accomplishments

Item 3.3 Annual action plan

  • Only to be completed by category A/B companies, or organisations that have their own committee for prevention and protection in the workplace or their own trade union delegates

Item 4.1 Asbestos inventory

  • To be added to the annual report of the internal department for prevention and protection in the workplace

Item 5.1 Training organised by the internal department

  • Courses, training sessions, etc. organised for employees

Item 5.2 Training organised for the internal department

  • Courses, training sessions, etc. completed by the internal prevention advisor(s)
  • Regularly completing training and refresher courses is a requirement for all internal prevention advisors. No minimum number of hours has been set.

Item 6.1 Monthly reports

  • Drawing up a monthly report (category A/B companies) or a quarterly report (category C/D companies) is a legal requirement. If implemented correctly, you should be able to present 12 reports (category A/B companies) or 4 reports (category C/D companies).

Item 6.2 Other information and documentation

  • Examples: toolbox meetings, poster campaigns, presentations for employees, awareness campaigns, etc.

Item 7 Psychosocial risks

  • Some of these data can be found in the activity report of your external department for prevention and protection in the workplace. Mensura clients can access this report via MyMensura. Go to chapter 4 in the activity report to find out which parts you will need to complete yourself.