Landscaping sector gets dedicated online risk analysis tool


The landscaping sector has its dedicated 'Online interactive Risk Assessment' (OiRA) tool since September 10th. SMEs can use this free tool to easily identify the risks to their employees' safety and health.

Small companies typically have insufficient resources to carry out a thorough risk analysis. The OiRA online tool removes that hurdle. The software was developed by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) with the purpose of helping SMEs to identify risks in the workplace in a step-by-step process. Based on the results, the tool proposes preventive actions, which in turn help improve work safety.

A sector-specific solution

Following the launch of the OiRA Performing Arts tool last summer, the landscaping sector now has its dedicated tool as well. In OiRA Landscape service activities, the risk analysis considers machinery, site management, dangerous substances and activities which are specific to the sector. In addition, managers also get tailored tips on equipment, ergonomics and personal protection equipment.

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