Mensura and PLAY IT join forces for game-based learning


In an innovative partnership, Mensura and PLAY IT are now offering a wide range of courses that make use of game technology. "We complement each other, bringing together widely diversified expertise on the same subject", says Kim Van Asch, Partnership & Corporate Venturing Manager at Mensura.

It is mandatory for businesses to regularly offer specific safety and prevention training to specific employees. Examples are first aid, fire safety, ergonomics, etc. The innovative partnership between Mensura and PLAY IT now makes it possible for employees to acquire the required knowledge and procedures via game technology. The cooperation also opens the door to a much wider range of training courses related to safety and well-being.

Julie Pottier, Business Line Manager Training at Mensura, is delighted: "The current developments in society have provided greater momentum to the need for innovative forms of training. Face-to-face training certainly has an added value in certain contexts, but more than ever, the message is to innovate and combine. It is of course an additional bonus that game-based training courses are simply enjoyable, easy to follow and have a demonstrable result: the techniques learnt are retained for a longer period of time.”

Wondering how you can stimulate prevention in a virtual world?

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Kim Van Asch, Partnership & Corporate Venturing Manager at Mensura: "As an external service for protection and prevention at work, we operate within a strongly regulated context. Our tasks are even largely described under the law. Nevertheless, we notice that our clients also go beyond these legal obligations in their search for greater safety and well-being on the workfloor. As true health and safety advisers, we are therefore the first point of contact for offering relevant products and services related to safety and prevention.

This is why we enter into strategic (and preferably also more specialised) partnerships. When doing so, we pay particular attention to the quality, usefulness and relevance of potential partners and their range of offerings. In this sense, we even become a kind of 'hallmark' for the client. The present partnership with PLAY IT is a striking illustration of this. We complement each other, bringing together widely diversified expertise on the same subject."

Wondering how you can stimulate prevention in a virtual world?

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Game-changer for a world in flux

Mike Ptacek, Co-Founder & CCO at PLAY IT: “The essence of this collaboration is as simple as it is far-reaching: Mensura’s clients will now have access to all the learning courses in our Play It Safe solution. We are firmly convinced that we can offer Mensura’s clients maximum 'value for money' through this targeted cooperation."

"The wealth of expertise that Mensura now brings to the table already ensure very bright prospects. Through competent implementation, we at PLAY IT ensure that the specific advantages of game-based learning - inspiring, interactive, fun, high knowledge transfer, etc. - are further enhanced by the large degree of flexibility and adaptability."

"Together we are exploring new markets; an exercise that is a crying need in a world in constant flux. Dual learning, hybrid working, mobility, etc. the challenges are manifold. The answers are increasingly found in such cross-pollination of forces and co-creations."


"Our mission remains: to maximise security in all possible work environments", adds Julie Pottier. "With PLAY IT as a partner, we can continue to make this happen with a range of offerings that is constantly expanding in terms of depth as well as breadth. Depending on the needs and demands of our clients, we even develop completely new modules together. The mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise ensures that all parties function as mutual growth accelerators. And our customers reap the benefits. Win-win-win, in other words!”

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Game-based training courses on well-being and safety at work

Are you looking to offer employees an efficient learning experience that is memorable too? This is possible with our game-based training courses. Realistic and practical scenarios allow employees to quickly learn about the procedures on First Aid, fire safety, and other topics.

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