Occupational physician contact details now online for employees


Employees can now easily find the contact details for their external occupational physician on www.mijngezondheid.be. The Government wants this initiative to lower the threshold for workers looking for help with problems at work.

An employee who only knows their occupational physician from the (periodic) medical examination: is this recognisable for your organisation? You are not alone: the relationship between the occupational physician and employees is still too often a one-way street.

After all, not every employee knows that they can also contact the occupational physician directly in the event of problems in the workplace. There is a real chance that your employees will not even know who their occupational physician is, especially if you call in an external prevention service. Or the threshold may be too high to ask the manager for that information.

Contact details at a centralised, digital location

To overcome this obstacle, Co-Prev – the sector organisation of external prevention services – developed a digital application. Specifically, your employees can now find the contact details for their external occupational physician via www.mijngezondheid.be. Every citizen can consult their personal health data on this online health portal, and the information for the external psychosocial prevention adviser and the information for the occupational physician have also been added recently.

It goes without saying that you can also share the contact details for the (external) occupational physician, psychosocial prevention adviser, and the confidential adviser yourself, for example on a centralised memo board in your company building or via your intranet.

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