Anneleen Vanlook

Anneleen Vanlook

Expertise : mental well-being

Dutch, English

Who am I?

Increasing the wellbeing of employees in work situations and helping them to increase their personal resilience really motivates me in my job as psychosocial prevention adviser.

When I’m guiding other helpers, I like to use this rule of thumb: caring for others begins with caring for yourself.

That’s why I always set time aside after I finish work to do some drawing, travel or simply relax with a cup of coffee.

One of the biggest favours a healthcare provider can do for their patients, colleagues and family is to take self-care and stress management seriously" Dr. Lisa Miller


As a psychosocial prevention adviser, I am able to combine my passions for wellbeing and work. I dedicate myself to employers and their workers through preventative and curative psychosocial interventions for which I use a variety of tools.

I work in a range of sectors, but have a particular interest in the care sector. At the moment, I am the point of contact for various care organisations (general and psychiatric hospitals, residential care centres, social welfare centres and care companies) where I provide support for mental wellbeing on an individual and organisational level.

As a result, I have also specialised in topics such as stress, burnout, emotional strain at work and resilience. This has enabled me to develop a new methodology to enhance the workshop on resilience, called the ‘Resilience Game’. 

During my specialist training, I conducted an action research project looking at compassion fatigue. Based on the theme of ‘Care for carers’, I developed recommendations for care providers and care organisations, designed to reinforce their policy on resilience and wellbeing.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I concentrated on providing psychosocial support for care providers in the form of reception interviews, team debriefings, policy-based advice to care organisations and the triage of care personnel to specialised support. In 2020, I published ‘Compassion Fatigue: how to care for our carers?’ on that topic. 


External prevention adviser psychosocial aspects – Mensura
Since 2015

Consultant Randstad High Technics – Randstad Selection and recruitment of engineering profiles
2014 – 2015 

Voluntary psychosocial support – Youth Advice Centre/CAW East Brabant
2013 – 2016

Trainee psychologist – De Spiegel therapeutic community for drug addicts
2012 – 2013 


Stress and burnout coaching

Emergency course on peer support and reception during the Covid-19 crisis

Prevention adviser specialising in the psychosocial aspects of employment

Basic multidisciplinary prevention adviser training

Insights Discovery model training for individual and team coaching

Various refresher courses and training on victim support, mediation, workplace bullying, stress and burnout, etc.
Since 2015

Postgraduate behavioural counselling  
2013 - 2014 

Master’s degree in psychology, majoring in clinical and health psychology
2011 - 2013 

Bachelor’s degree in psychology, majoring in employment and organisation psychology
2008 - 2011 


Want to make the people in your organisation more resilient? Have them enrol for my courses on: ‘Basic confidential counsellor training’, ‘Increasing resilience’ (with the ‘Resilience Game’), ‘First Aid for mental issues’ and ‘Dealing with traumatic events on the workfloor’.

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