Bart Teuwen

Bart Teuwen

Expertise: absenteeism

Dutch, French, English

Who am I?

After making a brief start as a general practitioner, my career took a different direction in 2001.  

That was when I went to work in the Netherlands, where I was a company medical officer for 14 years and where I gradually took on increasing numbers of management tasks. In the Netherlands, I learnt about all of the aspects related to providing guidance on sick leave and absenteeism, at both an employee and employer level.  

Since 2016, I have headed up Certimed, which is the market leader in Belgium in the field of medical inspections and controls. 

I am married, the proud father of 2 sons and I live in Genk. In my spare time, you’ll often find me around the football pitch as a loyal supporter of KRC Genk, or on my racing bike. 

Stop thinking in limitations and start thinking in possibilities"


As a specialist in absenteeism, I have a great of experience in the healthcare field. First as a GP, then as a company doctor. Today, I help guide organisations in the area of sick leave, across a wide range of sectors: healthcare, education, government, industry, services sector, etc.  

As a result of my broad management experience – as a company chief medical officer, then as director of Encare Arbozorg in the Netherlands and now as the manager of Certimed – I am the preferred point of contact for CEOs and senior management levels, governments and network organisations. I am also extremely interested in anything to do with innovation in healthcare. 


Being absent from work due to illness – sick leave – is a growing problem for our employers and social security system. Based on my expertise as a company medical officer in the Netherlands, it also became my ambition to have an impact on the approach we take to sick leave in Belgium. My passion – and the challenge facing me – is to be able to guide companies and managers as they evolve towards taking a sustainable and positive approach to absenteeism.  


Company doctor – SGBO Nijmegen  

GP – UA Antwerp 

Doctor – UA Antwerp


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