Davy Vanspauwen

Davy Vanspauwen

Expertise: Hygiene & Toxicology

English, Dutch

Who am I?

Every day is different. The world of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology is hugely extensive and exciting. Which is why I have made it my specialist subject. If I want to take my mind off work, I cycle up mountain and down dale on my racing bike or mountainbike. Away from sport, I enjoy dining and good food.

Complex problems are often solved by simple things"


I specialise in everything to do with taking measurements and readings. Such as measuring exposure to chemicals, or taking readings for noise, climate and vibrations.-

I can also show you how to carry out a risk inventory and assessment of chemical agents, take an inventory of asbestos in buildings and to design safety instruction sheets.

I also regularly present beginner courses for prevention advisers, external and internal clients and to the executive staff on the team. I promise you a smooth communication style and a hands-on approach.


I have carried out and coordinated a great many projects for Mensura in various fields relating to Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology. Sectors include chemicals, construction, energy and infrastructure, as well as on a provincial level and for a whole range of urban and municipal authorities.

After starting out as a clinical laboratory technician at Central Laboratory Hasselt, where I conducted serological and microbiological tests, in 1999 I moved to Encare Prevent to carry out biometrics and blood analyses. Encare then joined forces with Mensura, where I have been prevention adviser Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology since 2003. My experience in this field helps me to support and coach the team of occupational hygienists in Flanders.


I graduated in Medical Laboratory Technology (UCLL) and followed this up with a whole range of courses on chemical substances, asbestos, noise and HACCP. The main ones of these are:

  • Prevention adviser level I (with the specialisation module on Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology)
  • Prevention adviser level II
  • Identifying asbestos (RPS Netherlands)


At Mensura Learn&Connect I present courses in the specialist fields of asbestos, noise and HACCP. Click below to find out the exact contents of these courses and why they are appropriate for your staff.

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