Healthy food

Acquire knowledge about healthy, balanced nutrition and understand the health benefits of healthy food as an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy food
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The ‘Healthy Food’ workshop tells your employees about having a healthy, balanced diet, showing them the insights into the health benefits of healthy food as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. They will also be made aware of the role played by a healthy, balanced diet in limiting risks to their health. This workshop also enables you to promote good health and vitality among your staff. Because healthy employees are fitter and perform more actively at work.


Did you know that as much as 55% of Belgium’s working population is overweight and 19% is obese? This is very alarming, since obesity increases the risk of chronic ailments. Such illnesses are also a major cause of long-term absence from work. There is a clear link between a poor diet and obesity. By informing your employees about healthy food, you give them the tools to become fitter and enjoy greater vitality. Thanks to this preventive approach you can limit absenteeism in your organisation.

What do you learn?

In this workshop we will focus on 10 basic tips for healthy eating. We will discuss the issues of sugar, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. We will also analyse the information on the packaging. In this way, your employees will learn how to make the right food choices to promote their health. Participants have the opportunity to express their expectations at the beginning of the seminar. This will enable us to answer all your employees’ questions.

This course is part of our Interact-offer


Talk to an expert, share your experiences and learn from each other. Learning is a social event. You learn to apply basic knowledge in practice, both online and in the classroom.

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Your employees (hopefully) will adopt healthier eating habits. They’ll feel healthier, fitter and have more energy. Preventing obesity and being overweight helps reduce chronic ailments. Your employees’ health also promotes the health of your company, because the less your staff are sick, they more productive they will be.

For whom?

The ‘Healthy Food’ workshop is recommended for all companies and organisations wanting to take preventative action to encourage healthy, fit employees.


The price depends on the way you follow the training. Digital training material is included in the price. If your organisation is affiliated to Mensura External Service for Prevention and Protection (EDPB), you will receive a discount. If you have prevention units and your balance is sufficient, you can pay with these.

Subsidies and financing options

We qualify for all kinds of subsidies and financing options because we are certified by many government agencies and sector funds.

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      • non-members: Mensura CONSULT - DV.O101943 
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