Open training courses

To help contain the corona outbreak, we are cancelling all open courses until August 2021. Courses scheduled for later on will continue as planned, for the time being, as will all closed courses. We will inform you of any further changes. 

Help your staff and supervisors expand their skills and knowledge through dedicated training courses developed by Mensura. These courses cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from specific job functions – emergency response officer, prevention advisor, confidential advisor, machine safety expert, etc. – to specific themes, such as corporate alcohol and drug policies, well-being in the workplace for supervisors and managers, fire prevention and control, and emergency response management. All our training courses are designed to assist you with establishing sustainable health and safety strategies within your organisation.

Training courses

Basic training course Person of trust
Basic training course: CPR and the use of AEDs
Basic training course: Emergency response officer (first aid)
Online training ‘4 steps to an optimal homework policy’
Refresher training: Emergency response officer (first aid)
Training course: First-aid training for designated persons

More Mensura training courses are available in Dutch and French. We can, however, provide custom training courses in English as well. You can request an English training course via email.