What exactly is ‘First Aid Mental Health’? And why does every organisation need it?

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The benefits of FAMH

  • Helps prevent absenteeism through timely detection
  • ROI: investment easily pays for itself because of reduced absenteeism
  • Support given to supervisors and hr managers through hands-on training
  • Structured approach: everyone in the company knows their role (procedures)
  • Employer branding: employees appreciate the attention given to their (mental) well-being
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Here’s what you should do

The do’s and don’ts
of a confidential chat

Absenteeism can be prevented by identifying psychosocial risks in time, having a chat with the person concerned and if need be referring them to professional.

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for practical procedures

No organisation is immune to psychosocial problems. A structural, preventive approach establishes procedures which make sure everyone knows what can or should be done in case of emergency.

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Training FAMH

During the First Aid for Mental Health training programme, senior management, HR staff and managers identify mental health issues early. 

The course takes at least one day and consists of a theory-based session, during which an expert outlines the causes and symptoms of specific psychological problems. The importance of procedures in laying down preventive scenarios and assigning responsibilities is also discussed. This is followed by practice: through simulations and role play situations, participants discover how to react appropriately.

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“This excellent workshop – one of the better ones I’ve ever attended – is a must for executives and confidential advisors. Also all the participants I spoke to afterwards were very satisfied. Worth repeating!”

Bart Vanwonterghem – Prevention Advisor Province of Limburg

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