Healthy and productive homeworking - Optimise the support offered to your employees in their teleworking

Choose the formula to suit your specific organisation


Support your employees in a programme with one advanced module of your choice.

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Support your employees in a programme with three advanced modules.

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Did you know that this online learning program can be funded with workability cheques?

The benefits for you and your employees

  • Multidisciplinary
    Ergonomics, vitality, mental health, safety: various aspects of healthy and safe homeworking are covered in this modular training programme.

  • Finger on the pulse
    The Work@Home Profile provides you and your employees insight into specific needs and challenges. The instructors tailor the advanced live sessions to this information.

  • Practice-oriented
    Thanks to specific tips from the interactive programme and a practical follow-up procedure, you and your employees can get to work right away. Participants have access to the learning platform for one year.

  • Convenient
    Sessions last no more than 60 minutes and everything is conducted entirely online. This way, your employees do not have to travel anywhere.

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