Daisy Buttiens

Daisy Buttiens

Expertise : mental well-being

English, Dutch

Who am I?

People don’t break because they’re weak, they break because they’ve been strong for far too long. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

That’s something I see time and again, ranging from my challenging work experience placement in South Africa, to my experience in education, trauma care, suicide prevention and postvention, and prevention – health & safety – in the workplace.

It is important from time to time to stop and dwell on our wellbeing in general – and especially at work. Only then can we do something about it that yields benefits, both for individuals and for whole organisations.

At Mensura, I present training courses about psychosocial topics. I also carry out risk analyses of psychosocial aspects and conduct individual talks with people. I also organise reception and policy support for trauma, grief, suicide and aggression.

I love going on adventurous trips, an evening with friends or family and my tail-wagging border collie.

I’ve been better since I learnt that it’s okay for things not to be so good sometimes."


Unexpected levels of resilience

Want to increase the resilience of your employees and managers? Just put me in front of a group and I’ll show you how. I develop customised training courses and present them with my trademark enthusiasm. At the same time, I am able to deal with critical and unexpected situations. You have to, because they often involve intense and emotionally charged events.


At Mensura, I am an external prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects. Some of the projects I have worked on include:

  • Dealing with organisation management and staff after traumatic events
  • Receiving care staff during the coronavirus crisis
  • Trauma care training for emergency service personnel
  • Drafting a plan for mourning in the workplace
  • Training courses on resilience in various sectors
  • Team analyses and team guidance in various sectors

Before that, I gained experience in education and supporting those left behind after suicide. I also provided trauma therapy. In the meantime, I am focusing fully on my job as a prevention adviser. That’s where my heart and passion lie.


I have a Master’s in psychology, specialising in school psychology. I have also attended a series of supplementary courses, including:

  • Training in providing urgent psychosocial assistance after disasters
  • Postgraduate attachment-based family therapy
  • Psychotraumatology
  • Prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects


After my Master’s, I also did a specific teacher-training course. As part of that course, I was trained in producing and presenting courses. This something I do, full of conviction, at Mensura Learn&Connect on topics such as ‘First aid with mental problems’ and ‘Increasing resilience’.

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