Ellen Waldack

Ellen Waldack

Expertise : mental well-being

Dutch, English

Who am I?

As an occupational psychologist, I have gained extensive experience, both in HR and in the world of external prevention. My expertise lies in guiding workers towards a workable employment situation, presenting and developing training courses and supporting organisations in their policies on psychosocial wellbeing.  

I also have experience in guiding organisations in establishing their policies on absenteeism and working from home, as well as giving clients psychosocial guidance in their change process. 

What have I learnt from all these activities? Self-insight and putting things into perspective are the most important steps on the way to self-development.

I spend my spare time enjoying sport, travelling and pottery.

Don’t believe everything you think"


Organisations bring me in as their external prevention adviser for:

  • Carrying out psychosocial risk analyses
  • Conducting individual interviews and providing coaching about absenteeism, stress and resilience, working from home, returning to work, change, etc.
  • Individual stress and burnout coaching
  • Giving psychosocial advice
  • Offering psychosocial support
  • Conducting risk analyses
  • Guiding teams
  • Developing policies on absenteeism
  • Mediating in conflict situations
  • Conducting aftercare interviews following traumatic incidents
  • Training prevention departments, HR departments and managers
  • Guiding organisations in their homeworking policies


Prevention adviser psychosocial aspects – Mensura 
Since 2019

Prevention adviser psychosocial aspects – Attentia 
2015 – 2018 

Prevention adviser psychosocial aspects – Arista 

HR consultant – banking sector 
2013 - 2014 

Recruitment consultant – Hays 
2011 - 2012 


Stress and burnout coach

Insights: Train the Trainer

Specialisation module prevention adviser psychosocial aspects

Refresher training victim support

Multidisciplinary basic module prevention adviser

Master’s degree in occupational psychology and staff policy


A warm welcome to Mensura Learn&Connect for my training courses on ‘Conducting absenteeism interviews for managers’, ‘Stress and resilience’ and ‘Healthy homeworking’.

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