Julie Daenen

Julie Daenen

Expertise : mental well-being

Dutch, English

Who am I?

I like rowing, mountainbiking, laughing and healthy food that you can lick off your fingers. I also live by the motto: “If you want to change the world, then begin with yourself”.

I put the inspiration that gives me into my work:

  • Carrying out psychosocial risk analyses
  • Presenting training courses and webinars on a range of psychosocial topics, such as resilience, management and mentally healthy homeworking
  • Leading webinars about ‘Resilience in a pandemic’
  • Carrying out stress surveys and analyses
  • Providing customised psychosocial advice

I combine my experience in change management and human resources with my focus on customers and passion for the wellbeing of employees. All of which gives me a firm foundation as a prevention specialist, psychosocial aspects.  

Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan."


Looking for a trainer with international experience? That’s me. As change management consultant at Deloitte Canada, I helped their teams prepare for major organisational changes – always taking account of the impact and specific needs of teams.

This improved my listening skills and motivated me to think analytically and in a solutions-oriented way. It also sharpened my communication and facilitation skills. 

I am also at home with many of the aspects of human resources: optimising internal company operations, facilitating training and coaching, assessing and recruiting employees.


Mensura – psychosocial prevention adviser
Since 2019

Deloitte Canada – change management consultant 
2018 – 2019 

Deloitte Belgium – senior HR officer 
2016 - 2018 

VF Europe – HR generalist 
2014 - 2016 

Deloitte Belgium – junior HR officer 
2012 - 2014 

Belgacom International Carrier Services
2011 - 2012 


I added to my Master’s in educational sciences (social-cultural and organisational) with a course on train-the-trainer about Insights discovery, as well as a basic course on prevention adviser level 3.


Want to boost the mental side of your employees more in these challenging times? Enrol them in Learn&Connect for my courses about ‘Increasing resilience’, ‘Dealing with change’ and ‘Management’. Mental booster guaranteed.

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