Mathieu Viseur

Mathieu Viseur

Expertise : security

French, English

Who am I?

Specialising as I do in risk prevention and safety in general, I draw on my extensive corporate experience to present training courses that focus on safety in the workplace. I firmly believe that life is one long learning process and that we should never stop learning new things.

I enjoy cycling for fun and exploring new horizons through my travels. I also have a passion for theatre and the circus.

Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi


In my work, I conduct analyses of risk and accidents at work, making sure in particular that line management is aware of hazards. I help guide companies in change management, for example in the context of implementing programmes to improve their safety culture or the implementation of operational excellence programmes. In addition to coaching prevention advisers, I also oversee the development of learning and training, as well as assessment and information materials designed for staff who carry out safety-related functions.


I gave been an external prevention adviser at Mensura since 2020. Previously, I worked as a trainer and specialist in operating safety at Infrabel.

A chemical civil engineer, I worked as a process safety engineer and for more than 8 years managed the internal safety department at the production site of a major international group specialising in chemical fertilisers and other nitrogen chemistry-based products.


I gained a chemical civil engineering degree in 2004, to which I added an additional Master’s in environmental management. As part of my ongoing education, I attended a number of training courses between 2010 and 2019, including one for prevention adviser and another for worksite safety coordinator. Others include a course in change management, plus a University course as a trainer for adults.


With my experience in safety management for large groups behind me, as well as the courses I have completed, I now present courses for prevention adviser level 3 and line management awareness, as well as courses focusing on improving safety through good order and cleanliness.

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