Play it Safe: game-based learning on well-being and safety at work

With Play it Safe, you will learn how to act quickly and practically in risk situations at work.

Play it Safe: game-based learning on well-being and safety at work
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Game-based learning by PLAY IT teaches practical skills with interactive simulations. We use gaming techniques to quickly get you up to speed on prevention and safety procedures. Learning becomes fun which ensures quicker knowledge uptake. Via games on a tablet, desktop or even in virtual reality. You will learn how to act in the event of fire, provide first aid or handle psychosocial risk situations at work. All available in more than 20 languages and adapted to your sector and environment.

Together with PLAY IT, we will take your knowledge to the next level


This training course is offered to you in collaboration with our partner PLAY IT.
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The serious games by PLAY IT are a perfect way to provide efficient continued learning. Thanks to the virtual experience, you will remember faster and better.

  • Learn 4 times faster and 30% better*
    Game-based learning provides an efficient learning experience that enhances retention.
    * Source: doctoral study "Digital Game-Based Learning Under The Microscope” by Anissa All - Ghent University
  • Flexibility
    You follow the modules at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Available on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or even virtual reality goggles. Each course is divided into short 5-to-10-minute modules.
  • Clear reporting
    The reporting dashboard provides your organisation with a better understanding of internal knowledge and points of improvement.

What do you learn?

You will gain practical skills to take appropriate action in terms of fire safety, support and first aid, ergonomics, psychosocial well-being, hygiene and internal traffic.

Available courses per domain:

Fire safety

  • Internal and external alarm
  • Extinguishing equipment (fire extinguisher, fire blanket, fire hose reel) and their use
  • What to do in the event of: an incipient fire, erupted fire or smoke production
  • Evaluation procedures
  • Emergency planning for staff and fire officers ​

Emergency assistance and First Aid

  • First Aid procedures and techniques
  • First Aid with COVID-19
  • The First Aid kit
  • Resuscitation and defibrillator (AED)
  • What to do in specific situations such as choking, shock, loss of consciousness, fainting, amputation, carbon monoxide poisoning, diabetes hyperglycemia and hypo, electrocution, head and vertebral injury, heart attack, stroke, poisoning, burns, abrasions, sprains, concussion, epilepsy, hyperventilation and nose bleeds
  • Emergency numbers
  • Bandaging technique
  • Correctly moving the victim ​


  • Computer work: correct desk posture
  • Hoisting and lifting techniques ​


  • Symbols and their meaning
  • Handling asbestos
  • Working at height with a mobile scaffold
  • Loading and unloading of liquids ​

Psychosocial well-being

  • Dealing with aggression
  • Preventing and dealing with burnout ​


  • Correct application of hand hygiene

Internal traffic

  • Safety in and around the forklift

This course is part of our Initiate-offer


Develop basic knowledge in a short time. The sessions are dynamic and easy to get into and available online at any time. You learn where and when you want. No previous knowledge required. 

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After a game-based learning module by PLAY IT you will gain basic knowledge in the domains of fire safety, emergency assistance and First Aid, ergonomics, safety, psychosocial well-being, hygiene and internal traffic.

Practical info

We will organise your Play it Safe training course in 5 steps:

  1. We will discuss the plan of approach together.
  2. You will receive a communication kit to guide potential participants through the offering. This will get everyone on board.
  3. You activate the modules for your employees.
  4. Colleagues learn through short, interactive exercises.
  5. You can monitor the results in a transparent dashboard.

For whom?

In need of specific knowledge? Or looking for a way to develop awareness among your colleagues in a group? Play it Safe offers both options. And we can make a fully customised offering tailored to your organisation.

The simulations take place in different work settings such as an office, construction site, hospital, industrial site, kitchen and store.

This makes them suitable for all kinds of sectors: healthcare, food production, construction, banks, automotive, industry, services and education.

What does the law say?

The welfare act requires all organisations to develop awareness among their employees. Preventive measures and sufficient training help avoid accidents at work.
Game-based learning by PLAY IT helps your organisation meet legal requirements in the domains of fire safety, emergency assistance and First Aid, ergonomics, safety, psychosocial well-being, hygiene and internal traffic.

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The price depends on how you follow the training.

The options:

  • 1 year access to all domains on the Play it Safe platform
  • 1 year access to a specific well-being domain
  • Fully customised

Subsidies and financing options

We qualify for all kinds of subsidies and financing options because we are certified by many government agencies and sector funds.

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      • Sector fund
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