Remote leadership: online learning program for managers

Teamwork is tough enough from a distance, let alone managing your team remotely. In this online learning programme your managers will receive tips to deal with this new reality and optimise their methods in following up and supporting employees.

Why this training?

The fact that more and more employees are working from home does not make the task of managing any easier. With this online learning programme you can offer your managers the required knowledge and skills to be successful from a distance. How to motivate a team remotely? How to sense what is going on with employees? And above all: what about your team’s mental well-being and resilience? These and many other questions are handled in detail during this online training.

Who is this training intended for?

For all companies wishing to support their managers in managing teams from a distance.

How does it work?

This brand-new programme consists of 4 components:

  1. Intake via the Remote Leadership Profile: an online questionnaire is used to assess the needs and issues of your team leaders in remote management. Managers immediately receive their score and a first round of tips.
  2. Preparation: your managers will receive the required information to prepare for the online session.
  3. Online session: in an inspiring 1-hour Microsoft Teams session, managers receive tips on virtual communication, motivating and coaching employees from a distance, etc.
  4.  Supporting follow-up: after the sessions we reconnect another 3 times.
    • After 1 week: participants are tested to see which information they still remember.
    • After 1 month: participants are given 3 practical situations in which to apply their knowledge.
    • After 3 months: participants receive a list filled with practical tips.

This online training programme can be funded with workability cheques.

Practical information

  • A maximum of 150 people can participate in the online learning program.
  • We also organise tailored online practical workshops for up to 8 managers. In these we discuss a number of specific cases in your company.
  • Online individual coaching is also possible.


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